The most popular hunting areas



Greater Poland


This region is well-known because of its natural and tourist values. You can see here a lot of picturesque lakes, beautiful nature reserves, widespread forests, as well as many sights and places to see. There is a great number of hunting clubs and hunting lodges. Its all is waiting for hunting enthusiasts from all over the world. The Greater Poland is known not only for its hospitality but also for its meticulousness. We will guarantee you the highest level of hunting and traditional polish hunting meals.





The most characteristic features of this region are extremely beautiful and extensive forests spread among the largest Polish lakes. This is really great place not only for rest, relaxation and isolation from the hustle and bustle of modern world, but also for hunting enthusiasts – Masurian Lake District is rich in wild game. It is the place where you can hunt down the biggest trophies in our country.





Lubuskie is the most forested region in our country. More than forty percent of the area is forested. Warta River National Park, Note Valley, Gorzów Primeval Forest — that’s the pearls of the whole region. Thanks to them you can feel the great and true power of nature. There are perfect conditions for hunting, which is why so many foreign hunters visits these places regularly, searching of great trophies.





Northern Poland is not only famous for its sea, beautiful beaches and amber trails, but for its inland terrain too. Those regions are constantly visited by hunters from all over Europe, who are really interested in wild game hunting in our northern forests. This is the place where you can learn Polish hunting tradition and taste really great food.

How to hunt a game?

Types of hunting

Individual hunting



This is a kind of hunt that does not generate panic on the hunting ground. It also allows the hunter proper identification of the game. The hunter waits on a ground station or a special pulpit, where he can easily assess the age, condition, and other features of wild game. This kind of hunting requires, however, the great knowledge of the game’s paths and area of their feeding.



As the name implies, this kind of hunting is based on sneaking at a distance, which allows the hunter taking a clean shot. This is very active kind of hunt and requires experience, knowledge of the area and the ability to read traces and quietly move around. Hunting in this way requires special preparation, so hunters often use a special camouflage to not startle the game.


Hunting with lure

In this case, the hunter imitates the sound of animals or their victims in order to lure them at a distance allowing them to shoot. This is very specific type of hunting which requires knowledge of the various techniques of attracting and keeping the game.



This type of hunting is using only during snowly, winter days. The hunter follows the lead after the trails left on fresh snow.

Collective hunting



This means hunting in group where hunters occupy positions 60-80 meters apart on the main line and on the flanks too. They wait for the game, which is scurried towards them by the touts. In this hunting, hunters can only shoot in standing position (not in ambon positions) for game in litter and in the field with safety and allowable shooting distance. Once you have finished rushing, you can leave the post to collect the game.


Hunting for big game with dogs

In this hunting mode, the hunting dogs have the main task. They are allowed to search the litter, raise the game and drive it towards the hunter’s position.