Meet our history



The whole office is conducted by great hunter with over 40 years experience in hunting organizing.


Thanks to our cooperation with many hunting clubs, and forest districts we can offer to all our Clients not only professional service but the whole organization of individual hunting as well – all in very attractive price. Our hunting always take place in the Polish natural forests, which are well known in Europe because of its unique charm and great number of wild game and fowl. We know the grounds where we organize our hunts, so we can provide all of our guests maximum security and high level of satisfaction as a result of successful hunting.We are sure that the adventure we invite you, will give you not only the unforgettable experiences, but great number of precious trophies as well. We invite you to take a look at our full offer.

Meet the taste of adventure



Every hunting is an excellent adventure. That’s the time when you have a really great opportunity to face up forces of the nature.


You will face a wild beast that is not only unpredictable, but also wants to come out victorious from this fight. It’s not only a great lesson of life and chance to expanding your horizons, but also the opportunity to get the valuable experience. We will help you to go through this extreme test – we are an experienced company that organizes foreign exchange hunting for hunting enthusiasts from all over Europe. Each person interested in our offer will get the adrenaline taste, unique emotions and many unforgettable experiences resulting in magnificent trophies. We are hunters with many years long experience, so we exactly know what the other hunters expect. We guarantee to our clients the highest level of service that meets all requirements. Write to us and see for yourself what it means to stand face to face with wild game!

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